Tec Whisperer Code Snippets Library

Tec Whisperer Code Snippets Library

The Tec Whisperer Code Snippets Library

Our new archive of code snippets that solves a given problem. Whenever possible, I’ll try to link to the source where I found the fix, and include as much context as possible. Click the button below to get started. You can also scroll to the top of any page and type keywords in the search box in the top right corner.

I can, without hesitation, say that Google is one of the most important resources. EVER. And there are many great resources for code snippets. The problem is: once you sift through piles of trash to find a gem of info, it’s difficult to save and keep all that information organized in a way that is easy to find and share. So this is as much a way for me to store and find information for future reference as it is a way to share it with you.

As technology matures and protocols evolve, a snippet that previously worked can quickly become obsolete. Sometimes, you can tweak it until it works for you. For example: I searched forever on how to enable large file uploads with ownCloud. There are TONS of posts about it in various forums and I tired nearly everything. Many painful nights waiting for failed 2-5 GB file uploads, led to experimenting with various options until I finally had a config that worked, and was able to replicate it on multiple installs in various environments.

Good luck and I hope this helps narrow the search for someone else!


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