VPS Server Administration
  • VPS Server Administration (AWS, Digitalocean, etc.)
  • Install Updates and Patches
  • Install and Configure SSL Certs (HTTPS)
  • Configure Packages: NginX, Apache2, WordPress, OwnCloud, FreePBX (VoIP), etc.
  • Perform Server Maintenance, Backup and Recovery

As more services move to the “cloud,” a traditional web host might limit your ability to add features and functionality to your website. Linux powers the majority of web servers worldwide, but server configuration and administration can be intimidating.  Let us take the fear out of building and managing your Linux cloud VPS server, so you can focus on what matters most — Productivity and Content!

TecWhisperer is proudly hosted by DigitalOcean on Linux, with WordPress, NginX and SSL. Click here to get started in 55 Seconds